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Boogie on Reggae Woman has been performed by Dogs In A Pile 76 times. It was last played 2023-03-12, which was 7 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed ByFootnote
2019-03-15 Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ2Dogs In A Pile
2019-03-16 The Soda Bar, Philadelphia, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2019-05-18 Ole Village Pub, Middletown, NJ3Dogs In A Pile
2019-05-25 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2019-05-31 Martell's at the Red Fox, Jeffersonville, VT1Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-02 Moogs Place, Morrisville, VT3Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-08 Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-13 EJ's Tap House, Seaside Heights, NJ1Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-14 NJ Weedman's Joint, Trenton, NJ1Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-21 Maureen's Jazz Cellar, Nyack, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2019-06-22 Stonehenge Music Festival, Jermyn, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2019-07-06 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2019-07-12 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ2Dogs In A Pile
2019-07-23 The Milestone, Reading, CT3Dogs In A Pile
2019-08-03 Sunshine Daydream Memorial Park, Terra Alta, WV1Dogs In A Pile
2019-08-23 Moogs Place, Morrisville, VT4Dogs In A Pile
2019-09-27 The Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA6Dogs In A Pile
2020-01-10 The Lord's New Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA8Dogs In A Pile
2020-02-14 Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT3Dogs In A Pile
2020-02-15 Orlando's, Burlington, VT1Dogs In A Pile
2020-02-16 Moog's Joint, Johnson, VT1Dogs In A Pile
2020-02-28 Sprout Music Collective, West Chester, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2020-02-29 The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, Albany, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2020-03-06 Drom, New York, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2020-05-31 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2020-08-08 MarcKomitoville Private Party, Marlboro, NJ3Dogs In A Pile
2020-08-15 The Lord's New Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA2Dogs In A Pile
2020-10-24 Blackthorne Resort, East Durham, NY9Dogs In A Pile
2020-11-05 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY2Dogs In A Pile
2021-05-27 Charles R. Wood Park, Lake George, NY6Dogs In A Pile
2021-05-29 Moog's Joint, Johnson, VT2Dogs In A Pile
2021-05-30 Moog's Joint, Johnson, VT1Dogs In A Pile
2021-06-13 Bar A, Bemar, NJ1Dogs In A Pile
2021-06-19 Nanola, Malta, NY2Dogs In A Pile
2021-07-17 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA2Dogs In A Pile
2021-07-24 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2021-08-15 Anchor Rock Club, Atlantic City, NJ5Dogs In A Pile
2021-08-21 City Winery NYC, New York, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2021-08-28 Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY1Dogs In A Pilewith Rob Compa
2021-09-02 Karnival of the Arts, Lehighton, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2021-09-04 Adirondack Music Festival, Lake George, NY1Dogs In A Pile
2021-09-17 Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ3Dogs In A Pile
2021-10-27 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY6Dogs In A Pile
2021-11-11 118 North, Wayne, PA4Dogs In A Pile
2021-11-24 XL Live, Harrisburg, PA1Dogs In A Pile
2021-12-11 Funk 'n Waffles, Syracuse, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2022-01-15 Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA2Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-11 Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC5Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-17 The Camel, Richmond, VA2Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-18 123 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV1Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-25 The Basement East, Nashville, TN3Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-27 The Pour House, Charleston, SC2Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-03 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA1Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-05 The Upstairs, Ithaca, NY2Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-11 Lo-Fi Lounge, Indianapolis, IN2Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-24 Portland House Of Music, Portland, ME2Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-26 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY2Dogs In A Pile
2022-04-23 Hill Country Barbeque, New York, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2022-05-29 Sterling Stage New Era Fest, Sterling, NY7Dogs In A Pile
2022-06-25 The Yard Ampitheatre, Bouckville, NY9Dogs In A Pile
2022-07-28 Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills, NC7Dogs In A Pile
2022-07-30 Floyd Fest, Floyd, VA2Dogs In A Pile
2022-08-21 Union Craft Brewing, Baltimore, MD7Dogs In A Pile
2022-09-01 Cervantes Other Side, Denver, CO3Dogs In A Pile
2022-09-08 Birds of a Feather Festival, Morning View, KY4Dogs In A Pile
2022-09-18 Borderlands, East Aurora, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2022-09-24 Kenny's, Peoria, IL4Dogs In A Pile
2022-10-14 Center Stage, Atlanta, GA6Dogs In A Pile
2022-10-21 Mo's Irish Pub, Milwaukee, WI3Dogs In A Pile
2022-11-04 Last Concert Cafe, Houston, TX8Dogs In A Pile
2022-12-02 The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA12Dogs In A Pile
2022-12-10 The Westcott Theater, Syracuse, NY4Dogs In A Pile
2023-02-04 Pima County Fairgrounds, Tuscon, AZ7Dogs In A Pile
2023-02-18 Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA7Dogs In A Pile
2023-03-04 Martyrs', Chicago, IL9Dogs In A Pile
2023-03-12 Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY6Dogs In A Pile