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Spun has been performed by Dogs In A Pile 130 times. It was last played 2024-04-17, which was 1 shows ago.
Spun has also been performed by Otherwise Useless Children 1 time.

Every Time Played by Dogs In A Pile

Date Played Venue Show Gap SetTrack Time Song Before Song After Footnote
2020-01-16 Wonder Bar, Asbury Park, NJ461Snow DayBubbleDebut
2020-02-14 Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT21Look Johnny-> Bubble
2020-02-15 Orlando's, Burlington, VT12Craig and PatBugle
2020-02-29 The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, Albany, NY31Charlie-> Too High
2020-03-06 Drom, New York, NY1e***Bugle
2020-04-09 Dogs Studio, Point Pleasant, NJ21Blues for BrianPhish Kids
2020-05-31 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY21Charlie ***
2020-08-13 Dogs Studio, Point Pleasant, NJ4eGreen Earrings ***
2020-08-15 The Lord's New Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA12Charlie > Trunk Rum
2020-09-19 Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA62Craig and PatRenaissance Man
2020-10-31 The Lord's New Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA42Por Que Pedro > Creep
2021-02-04 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY22Walkin' on the Sun > Trunk Rum
2021-05-01 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY22Ophelia > Didn't Ya Know
2021-05-08 Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA11Blues for Brian-> Renaissance Man
2021-05-28 Charles R. Wood Park, Lake George, NY31Charlie > Trunk Rum
2021-06-13 Bar A, Bemar, NJ32Clint Eastwood > Trunk Rum
2021-06-19 Nanola, Malta, NY22Walkin' on the SunSamba for Sam
2021-07-10 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ12Charlie > Charlie
2021-07-17 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA12Charlie > Trunk Rum
2021-07-31 Oxbow River Park, Morrisville, VT22Walkin' on the Sun > Trunk Rum
2021-08-06 Bear's Picnic, Blain, PA11Craig and Pat > Charlie
2021-08-15 Anchor Rock Club, Atlantic City, NJ31Linus and Lucy > Trunk Rum
2021-08-28 Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY21Boogie on Reggae WomanLittle Things
2021-09-11 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY41G Song > Trunk Rum
2021-09-17 Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ12Craig and Pat > Trunk Rum
2021-09-18 Funk 'n Waffles, Syracuse, NY12Royals > Trunk Rum
2021-09-25 Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA22Back to the Start > Helter Skelter / Chalkdust Torture
2021-10-15 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ12Can't You See > Trunk Rum
2021-10-16 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY11Royals > Trunk Rum
2021-10-27 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY11Boogie on Reggae WomanLittle Things
2021-10-30 Double E, Essex Junction, VT11Bent Strange > Trunk Rum
2021-11-06 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY22Craig and PatTrunk Rum
2021-11-11 118 North, Wayne, PA12Go Set > Trunk Rum
2021-12-11 Funk 'n Waffles, Syracuse, NY42Little Things > Trunk Rum
2021-12-31 Dogs Studio, Point Pleasant, NJ11FenwayTrunk Rum
2022-01-15 Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA11Boogie on Reggae Woman > Tillie
2022-01-20 Space Ballroom, Hamden, CT1e*** > Tillie
2022-01-21 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT12Royals > Tillie
2022-02-11 Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC32Royals > Trunk Rum
2022-02-12 Varnish, Wilmington, NC11Craig and Pat > Tillie
2022-02-17 The Camel, Richmond, VA1e*** > Tillie
2022-02-19 Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY23Walkin' on the Sun > Tillie
2022-02-24 Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC11*** > Tillie
2022-02-25 The Basement East, Nashville, TN11Craig and Pat > Tillie
2022-02-27 The Pour House, Charleston, SC22Can't You See > Tillie
2022-03-03 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA12Fenway > Tillie
2022-03-04 Pearl Street Warehouse, Washington, DC11Walkin' on the Sun > Tillie
2022-03-11 Lo-Fi Lounge, Indianapolis, IN31Fenway > Trunk Rum
2022-03-12 Schubas, Chiacgo, IL11Fenway > Tillie
2022-03-24 Portland House Of Music, Portland, ME11Stranger > Tillie
2022-03-25 The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH12Walkin' on the Sun > Trunk Rum
2022-04-16 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ32All The Same > Trunk Rum
2022-04-23 Hill Country Barbeque, New York, NY11Charlie > Tillie
2022-05-14 Great Divide Campground, Newton, NJ21People Say > Tillie
2022-05-19 Legend Valley, Thornville, OH11Craig and Pat > Tillie
2022-05-28 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL31Walkin' on the Sun > Tillie
2022-06-04 The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN31Fenway > Tillie
2022-06-17 Paradise Lakes Campground, Hammonton, NJ31I Am The Slime > Little Things
2022-06-24 Northlands Festival, Swanzey, NH31Fenway > Trunk Rum
2022-07-15 Jerry Jam, Bath, NH41Clint Eastwood > Trunk Rum
2022-07-29 The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, NC51Fenway > Trunk Rum
2022-08-05 Sound Waves at the Hard Rock, Atlantic City, NJ31Tillie > Trunk Rum
2022-08-11 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY12Bent Strange > Appleseed
2022-08-13 The Homie Collective Campout, Lebanon, ME21Ghost Riders in the Sky > Bubble
2022-08-20 Elements Music Festival, Long Pond, PA11G Song > Bubble
2022-08-25 The Pour House, Charleston, SC22Walkin' on the Sun > Tillie
2022-09-08 Birds of a Feather Festival, Morning View, KY61Walkin' on the Sun > Trunk Rum
2022-09-22 The Pike Room, Pontiac, MI51Samba for Sam > Jack & Coke
2022-09-24 Kenny's, Peoria, IL22Writing on the Wall > Jack & Coke
2022-10-09 Washington County Fair Grounds, Greenwich Village, NY41Inchworm > China Cat Sunflower
2022-10-22 Street Party at the Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI61Royals > Jack & Coke
2022-10-29 Druid City Music Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL31Walkin' on the SunWay To Be
2022-10-30 Hulaween, Live Oak, FL11Craig and Pat > Appleseed
2022-11-10 Park West, Chicago, IL71Gumbo > Can't You See
2022-11-18 Middle East, Cambridge, MA42Craig and PatRoyals
2022-11-19 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY12Walkin' on the Sun > Trunk Rum
2022-11-26 The Met, Pawtucket, RI22Fenway > El Sonidito
2022-11-26 The Met, Pawtucket, RI02El Sonidito > Jack & Coke
2022-12-02 The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA1206:31Writing on the Wall-> El Sonidito Jam
2022-12-02 The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA0200:59El Sonidito Jam > Trunk Rum
2022-12-08 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT21Appleseed > El Sonidito
2022-12-08 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT01El Sonidito > Trunk Rum
2023-02-09 MSC Divina Cruise Ship, Jam Cruise 19, USA111Voodoo LadyBubblewith Mike Dillon
2023-02-15 The Palm Room, Wrightsville Beach, NC22Jam > Trunk Rum
2023-02-23 Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery, Santa Fe, NM61El Sonidito > Craig and Pat
2023-02-25 Agave, Avon, CO21Appleseed > Tillie
2023-03-02 Gabe's, Iowa City, IA21FootprintsBent Strange
2023-03-03 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN11Walkin' on the SunApplesauce
2023-03-05 Bell's Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo, MI21Fenway > Trunk Rum
2023-03-10 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI32Writing on the Wall > El Sonidito
2023-03-15 The Club at Water Street, Rochester, NY33Appleseed > Earthbound Man
2023-03-17 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY23Samba for SamBugle
2023-03-24 The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY51Applesauce-> Let U Go
2023-03-30 Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO21Jack & Coke > Tillie
2023-04-12 Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO41Craig and PatPower Trip
2023-04-14 Old Town Pub, Steamboat Springs, CO21Eastbound and Down ***
2023-05-05 Central Stage, St. Louis, MO42Samba for Sam > El Sonidito
2023-05-05 Central Stage, St. Louis, MO02El Sonidito > Trunk Rum
2023-05-10 The Barrelhouse Ballroom, Chattanooga, TN32Creep > Chattanooga Choo Choo
2023-05-11 High Rock Outfitters, Lexington, NC12Chocolate Milk > Tillie
2023-05-21 Elborg Hall, Reykjavík, Iceland51Way To BeBubble
2023-06-04 Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA71Creep > El Sonidito
2023-06-04 Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA01El Sonidito > It Gets Better
2023-06-10 Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA41Jam > Trunk Rum
2023-06-25 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI71Stadium Rave > Trunk Rum
2023-07-22 Lincoln Hill Farms, Canandaigua, NY52Walkin' on the Sun > Tillie
2023-07-29 Weekend at Bertha's, Townsend, DE31Trunk Rum ***
2023-08-07 Great Divide Campground, Newton, NJ42Stevie Lew-> Writing on the Wall
2023-08-10 The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH2eGreta-> Can't You See
2023-09-08 Canopy Club, Urbana, IL818:44Craig and Pat > Trunk Rum
2023-09-22 Wonderland Forest, Lafayette, NY5210:08TillieChocolate Salty Balls
2023-09-29 Mr. Smalls Theatre, Millvale, PA3213:58Bent Strange > Jack & Coke
2023-10-08 Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD6112:07Ghost Riders in the SkyCharlie
2023-10-31 Scoot Inn, Austin, TX712:35Ghost Riders in the Sky > Halloween Theme
2023-11-04 The Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO318:44Walkin' on the Sun-> Bent Strange
2023-11-18 The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA10114:50Appleseed > EDM Song
2023-12-02 Mercury Ballroom, Louisville, KY5110:40Craig and Pat > Por Que Pedro
2023-12-16 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ5212:29Old Folks Boogie > Drums
2023-12-28 Sony Hall, New York, NY218:48Gumball > Drums
2024-02-01 Last Concert Cafe, Houston, TX518:17You Didn’t Hear It From Me-> Royals
2024-02-14 xBk Live, Des Moines, IA718:35Power TripTrunk Rum
2024-02-16 Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO2210:57Appleseed > Trunk Rum
2024-03-02 Colony, Woodstock, NY326:18Samba for SamTrunk Rum
2024-03-14 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA317:47Walkin' on the Sun > Mr. Tooker
2024-03-30 Club Congress, Tucson, AZ6110:53Royals > Renaissance Man
2024-04-03 The Venice West, Venice, CA2211:31The Bag > Creep
2024-04-06 Lost on Main, Chico, CA318:40Men of Steel > Drums
2024-04-11 Winstons, San Diego, CA2111:09Cassidy > The Bag
2024-04-17 The Venice West, Venice, CA329:47Samba for Sam > Drums
2024-04-17 The Venice West, Venice, CA024:09Drums ***

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