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ColonelFichter Sun Apr 16, 2023

Set 1- Thomas & Duncan, Pt. 2 - a mellow, smooth start to the show.. included a VERY STRONG funk jam, clocked in around 17+ minutes & opened the two-night stand with a loud, clear statement.. That we were all going to get 2 nights of fun loving Dogs In A Pile jams!

Go Set - Jeremy shines in this heater of a jam, very clean. I can remember still how clear it was to see that all band members were having fun & admiring the sold out audience of friends, family, & friends.. the Dog Pound holding down the core of this dance floor!

Stranger > Ugly Song > Appleseed -clean, well played, & full of energy. A good chunk of early first set type 1 jaming.. a stretch of music that will always be enjoyable to go back & listen to. Good classic Dogs!

Watermelon Man - BUSTOUT, featured the Ocean Ave Stompers on horns, slimey & thick funk, deep jaming.. There was some cool rotational/pass&go jaming between all members & their guest horns section. Lots of fun.

All The Same - first time I had heard. Hooked from the first chorus. I now love this song with all my heart, so it really stuck for me after hearing it here for the first time. Lyrics should be read & understood & kept close to all of our hearts! 

Bent Strange - heater. This song makes everyone in the crowd fully aware of how much POWER these guys have up on stage. They play with an energy that I have felt only a few times before, & this song showcases some of that energy one feels from the bands music! Sent us into setbreak more than satisfied & on our toes ready for a full second set of Dogs! 

Set 2- (entire set played w/ Ocean Ave Stompers Horns)

Can’t Turn You Loose > Four More Days > Look Johnny - The Dogs backed by a horns section was something I’ll never forget & worth listening to yourself, videos on YouTube! It was clear for me to see that the band hand practiced & rehearsed VERY hard for the set that was in store. They all seemed super focused on what was beginning to unfold.

Will It Go Round In Circles? - this song had me grooving & it reminded me of a Stevie Wonder song. 

Time Stands Still > Por Que Pedro - a crowd favorite, Por Que Pedro features Sam on vocals. It is a tune that has extremely polar, contrasting melodies.. as the song goes from a dark, heavy rock metal verse into a calm, smooth Latin/Spanish sounding chorus. It had me chuckling & the pony was loving it. 

Craig & Pat > Tequila > Craig & Pat - HORNS GOT UP ON THE BAR FOR TEQUILLA, so much fun, well executed & the band was so happy/proud of what they had pulled off.  A very cool & memorable moment. 

Rockin Around Christmas Tree - Mr. Toilet stole the show on this one as he sang lead vocals, dressed as Santa. A special night it was! 

Let U Go > Trunk Rum - CLASSIC Dogs to end the set. A smooth & YEM type Trunk Rum jam. Really really top notch. 



Tillie -> Gumbo > Say Something - TILLIE FTW. One of my favorite DIAP songs is Tillie & I couldn’t have picked a better place for it to have been played. It had a BEAST segue into Gumbo, & this song was a treat for the many of us whom have learned to love music/live shows because of Phish. Crowd was rocking. & Say Something ended the night with a bang. Leaving us with something to ponder & appreciate in its lyrics. A great end to the night, not a dull note from start to finish. 

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