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Cats Under the Stars was originally performed by Jerry Garcia
It has been performed by Dogs In A Pile 14 times. It was last played 2023-03-17, which was 2 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed ByFootnote
2021-04-03 High Peaks Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY74Dogs In A Pile
2021-05-22 Blackthorne Resort, East Durham, NY3Dogs In A Pile
2021-05-30 Moog's Joint, Johnson, VT4Dogs In A Pile
2021-07-24 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY6Dogs In A Pile
2021-11-05 Garcia's, Port Chester, NY20Dogs In A Pile
2022-01-22 The Met, Pawtucket, RI11Dogs In A Pile
2022-02-10 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC1Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-10 Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH13Dogs In A Pile
2022-03-26 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY5Dogs In A Pile
2022-05-29 Sterling Stage New Era Fest, Sterling, NY10Dogs In A Pile
2022-09-23 The Stache, Grand Rapids, MI38Dogs In A Pile
2022-11-09 Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis, MN21Dogs In A Pile
2023-02-21 Encore at Uptown, Kansas City, MO29Dogs In A Pile
2023-03-17 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY16Dogs In A Pile