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jspsam Mon Feb 19, 2024
Denver Dogs


The Dogs were relative unknowns in the Denver area music scene prior to 2023. They played two after-shows for Phish Dicks ‘22 at the Cervs’ Other Side before hitting the Springs and Avon five months later during the ‘23 Winter Rescue Tour, but locals will tell you the Lost Lake performances and surrounding residency put the band on the map in the state.


Lost Lake is a tiny 75-cap room and bar on Colfax down the street from Denver’s main music theaters—your Bluebirds, Ogdens, and Fillmores. It’s a strangely proportioned experience, as the main standing area runs more parallel than perpendicular to the stage. The sound reverberates on the back wall separating the standing area from the bar, and pierces your eardrums even when using the best plugs. With no raised areas, us vertically-challenged folks had to get there early. But we tolerated the experience at the venue thanks to the excellent playing from the band, who used the room as their home base for the month-long residency that featured ten shows within driving distance of the Denver metro.


Night one was my first show, and the band’s first two-set concert in the state. I had only learned of the Dogs after hearing some reviews from the after-shows and wanted to make the trek down to the Springs for the show at Vulture's in February. A winter storm in the Denver area kept me grounded for a month, a period which I spent furiously listening to the soundboards the Dogs had put out after finding myself captivated by the music. At the time, there were probably around 30-40 shows available—the band had not yet nailed down their live recording setup, which kicked into gear during these shows.


This particular event came after a relatively “long” break of five days during their busiest month of the year that accumulated a massive count of 21 shows/13 states/3 time zones. The residency itself was a reprieve—they played only eight shows in April while in CO, before ratcheting it back up to 13 in May and 16 in June. 3/29 is not the best of the tour (see 4/7 or 4/19), but there are strong highlights throughout, and most of the band’s standards from this era are present (including three repeats from the preceding gig opening for the Disco Biscuits at the Cap). The result is a solid—if unspectacular —introduction to the Dogs for a curious crowd.


Electronic Set. This show sold out shortly after doors opened thanks to BKellZ—a local Colorado-based DJ whose friends and fans cleaned out the few remaining tickets available on Wednesday night (also tight with the Dogs thanks to Jam Cruise ‘23). Eric Foelske's tape on the Archive has the full set, though your enjoyment may vary depending on your preference for electronic music. The Dogs began joining one-by-one to add layers to the mix about 45-minutes in—this is where the soundboard recording begins. Joey came out first to lay down the beat, and I can immediately recall spotting the giant X on his hands and my subsequent shock at learning he was under-21. Sam, Jeremy, Jimmy, and Brian followed on stage about two-to-three minutes apart—all members are present around eleven minutes in, when Kellz announces the start of his final track. It’s a Respect Jam, with KellZ layering in a remix of the Aretha Franklin classic with supporting work from the Dogs. At 13:30, Brandon says the Dogs want to keep going, so they jam out the song into a unique dance beat—it’s worth at least one listen for the novelty.


First Set. BKellZ left the stage to join the crowd and the crew cleared out his mixing setup as the band launched into LJ1. I immediately recognized it as one of the band’s regulars from Beagle and from its appearance on many setlists—the night marked the 7th time played in their last 19 shows and was played with precision (though it lacks the adventure of 4/13). The catchiness of Nicolette caught me at the time, but I’m more partial to Steamboat’s outro jam. Go Set (Denver-bound) follows two Bloom singles, and the show really begins to pick up at the back end of the set with a well-worked Appleseed>Boogie>Dancin’ sequence that culminates with a return to Go Set before the break.


Second Set. The x factor is still present for Little Things>Royals, but Jimmy blows out his tube screamer during Hesitate, so the rest of the band picked up the slack by throwing in some interesting teases. They manage to recover by the end of Stadium Rave. The band’s more dancy numbers continued to fill out the back half of the set, with Let U Go>Bubble>EDM functionally acting as a reference to the show’s electronic start. The encore is nailed to perfection.


1st Set: 7/10

2nd Set: 5/10

Overall: 3 stars



Electronic Set - unique jam, worth one listen

Look Johnny - precise

Stranger - peaks

Appleseed>Boogie On>Dancin’ - great sequence

Little Things - great energy

Royals - Soaring solo, TD2 and Bugle teases 

Mr. Tooker - perfect finale, Bathtub Gin tease


Sources: Wookie’s tape has the opener, but you’ll want the board for the slightly-improved-but-still-frustratingly-mixed vocals (a product of the venue) once the band hits the stage. The entire Dogs portion of the show is on YouTube.

SaratogaDogsLover Thu Feb 15, 2024
“They showed us how to be brave and express ourselves through music”-Rich Morowski

Dogs in a Pile is not “another Dead cover band” as Rich Morowski from Mama Tried productions said when introducing the band at the Harvest Fest in Saratoga Springs on October 9, 2022. Like many fans, he fell in love with DIAP after seeing them play once. This single set plus encore is a beautiful slice of the magic sharing with the audience their odyssey of sound. 

This set quickly demonstrated how special they are. Each song has a relatable story with a distinct personality. Each band member has the depth of knowledge and skill to bring their audience all the vibes; fun, jovial, funky, sexy, and a delicious spread of vibes. Fun and jovial, hot and sexy, funky and weird, contemplative and dreamy. Their personable and relatable lyrics combined with their talented musicianship make for an intensely satisfying experience. 

The set starts with Bugle on the Shelf, a jaunty tune which transitions nicely into the Grateful Dead’s Mr.Charlie. By the third song the audience is being blown away by Way to Be, a beautiful coming-of-age song with a sweet message about living life in a positive way “spreading good energy”. By minute three the sweet song takes a mature turn and lets loose into a rager. The strong bassline, energized drums and keys solo aptly demonstrates their jam capabilities and away we go.

While I believe every song is special and amazing here is a few highlights. 

Hesitate. An honest point of view of a classic “I like you, and I think you like me, so let’s get it on” kind of song.  The lyrics suggest a lust that is relatable and enduring…”I don’t want to wait, so let’s not hesitate.” 

Writing on the Wall- Such a mature song. Their story telling abilities show that age should not determine the maturity of a soul. They bravely write about life situations and experiences we all share but rarely talk about or know how to articulate. This song is certainly an example of bravery Rich Morowski spoke of. DIAP writes songs about the Good, bad and the ugly making listeners feel more comfortable with their vulnerability while also being musical masters.

Truth be told, my all-time favorite songs are in this set. An introspective Appleseed into a charming Inchworm, which always finds a way to make you smile, into a cathartic Spun. What a lineup for a great therapy session for mind and soul. China Cat Sunflower is a lovely familiar friend but the real star of the set is Craig and Pat. 

This Craig and Pat is an odyssey of moods. By minute 6 Sam Lucid and Joey Babick jump into a groovy bass and drum duet and by minute 10 the boys are blowing minds while Jimmy Law shreds a glorious guitar riff. By minute 13 spacey vibes are flowing. 18 amazing minutes of a raging “good time”. 

What happened next was interesting. While Jimmy was chit-chatting with the crowd a fan yelled out, “play widespread…play fucking wiiiide spread”. The boys deliberated for another minute, tuning their instruments or whatever they are up to during  transitions. A moment later they ripped into the Widespread Panic banger,  Greta. I found this particularly endearing. Did they hear the fan and decided to indulge them? Or  ironic destiny? Is it ironic that the opening lines are “a pack of rabid dogs…howling at my front door”? 

Tookin’ Around. The DIAP manifesto. We learn about cast of characters (Kieran Tooker- tour manager, Joe Lugo- photographer) while hearing about their humble beginnings and debauchery of their early career. The song’s heartfelt 5-part harmony, including Tooker himself, is a perfect way to end an epic set leaving listeners with a satisfied smile and a light heart. 

thehobbithimself Wed Feb 14, 2024
Samba for Sam - unfinished 

NshPreds Wed Jan 17, 2024
Apparently, I'm gonna come in here and leave the exact same review every four months. See yall in May! Lol

NshPreds Wed Jan 17, 2024
Samba>Por Que>Samba is fantastic! Also Rum and Rose's with Brian's new guitar was terrific. 

SaratogaDogsLover Wed Jan 10, 2024
The Dogs in a Pile show at Song Hall has left me feeling the most deeply affected by a set of music EVER that three weeks later I stil can’t stop listening to it. What I heard at that Phish afterparty show was magic. For anyone having their first taste of the Dogs, this show offered a delicous rager with a long one-set spectacular. 

Jeremy Kaplan began the set walking onto stage alone, sitting at his sound station and lured us softly with a soulful piano solo which melted into a signature party starter, G Song. The notable hot duet by Jeremy and Jimmy melted our faces and sent the message “we are here to party” loud and clear. As the 18 minute song came to a close, Jeremy ended the same gentle way it started indicating to listeners that we were in very capable hands. The G Song hits the G spot.

The story of Tillie starts as an interesting bop allowing each of the guys to limber up while being dynamic and playful. Then, at 5:20 they get down to business. Tillie is sexy funk song and it really sounds like the boys are having fun. Jeremy’s playful solo in the 9th minute shows his dynamic style and range in a matter of two songs preparing us for a special night. The song ends with a whimsy percussion sound wrapped up like a gift with a pretty bow. 

The transition to Feels like a Stranger (by Grateful Dead) is like an old familiar friend telling newcomers that they are in very capable hands and preparing us for a “long, long, crazy, crazy night”. 

Look Johnny II is a fun bounce-around-the-room diddy about a guy named Johnny whose story of dysfunction is described with a universal familiarity that makes their level of fun very relatable.  

Tom Marshall made his way to the party as the boys played a song written by the Phish lyricist. You Didn’t Hear It From Me gave everyone (band and audience) an opportunity to groove and stretch-out our party muscles for what is a long set full of indulgence. 

Let U Go is a real bop and a first taste of EDM vibes of the set and it was special. 

It is hard not to fall in love with Go Set, a love song to NYC, especially for those in live attendance being in a Manhattan midtown basement theater. Sam Lucid’s sexy bass solo in minute 5 builds to an even sexier instrumental EDM vibe beat is phenomenal. 

The transition to Gumball was stealthy and sexy. Amonous of a good time? Yes. The deep bass beat with the whimsical keys is seductive and sticky-good especially when the quintette was all hitting the beat in a same but different way inviting us all to get weird because it was about to get super weird. 

Once Jeremy hits the first note of Spun it’s like a slap in the ass to dance. Things always get weird with Jeremy winding us up and down becoming delightfully breathless and stunned after the spin. At Minute 3:20 Jeremy lures us in like a spell and we are all happy to oblige. Spun one of many masterpieces in the Dogs wheelhouse showcasing their hard and soft sounds and seamless tempo changes. 

Joey Babick’s drum solo was a master class on every beat that pleases the soul. (Any time I can give my sole attention to the elusive and beautiful Joey Babick, I will. He is a dreamy male model romance book cover on stage. He’s also phenomenal on the drums so he provides something for everyone). I am thankful for Joey's solo because no mind would survive the full melt of Spun directly into Harry Hood. 

A clever transition into Harry Hood was like a shot of dopamine. The significance spoke to the room and we were mesmerized. Full stop and stare with stunned excitement until 2 minutes when the roof burned down and they got to it by paying homage to one of the greatest bands of all time. The cheeky addition of replacing a quick “Mr.Miner” with “Mr.Tooker” made the song THEIR song and it was beautiful. This song felt like a celebration of how far they have come to become the next great band of all time. That was demonstrated by Jimmy Law’s solo at 9 minutes making the statement about the talent Dogs in a Pile have. For any Phish lover who needed a formal introduction to DIAP got the VIP red carpet treatment with this Harry Hood. It was cathartic beauty. 

I always love a song when all four vocalists are on the mic. Craig and Pat is such a fun song. They give us a real introduction to their space capabilities but just a quick flirt. A sexy bass solo by Sam was two minutes of bliss. The party continued with a “dancing in the street” vibe then a fun Bowser’s castle theme song feels. The bassline got heavier with keys which set the tone for Jimmy and Brian to let loose and jam. 

And then there is Appleseed. The opening notes to Appleseed is salve to the soul as Jeremy (on keys) creates a sound reminiscent of a church hymn.  The lyrics allow listeners to empathize for understanding a dilemma. Universally connecting our search for understanding the complexity of feeling everything and looking for relief and finding love and understanding with each other. This song is the thread that connects the DIAP experience assuring us that It’s okay to be a work in progress. Then at minute 6:45 the dance beat hits so hard you just have to vibe out the rest of your feelings by moving. Jimmy slays with the cathartic Appleseed anthem. The keys transition into a heartfelt embrace that gently transitions us into the final song of the set. 

The Peanuts theme song Linus and Lucy is a lovely and familiar friend that is designed to put a smile on all faces. Thanks for that! 

The Truck Rum encore was a doozy. Jeremy’s introduction felt like a warning that they were about to burn the house down…and they did. Joey’s super sonic boom always welcomes excitement and the two minute introduction was bananas. The show ended with fun feel-good dancing vibes and what more could you really ask for? The answer is.…nothing. The long-ass Phish after-party show left its listeners completely satisfied. 

djett Mon Dec 4, 2023
First time the Dogs have made it to the 502 - my current city of residence. I've been to every single Dogs KY performance and I plan to keep that up. This was my 16th show and I brought a crew of 4 other first-timers and one buddy who it was his 2nd Dogs show.

Little Things is always a real fun opener - got my body moving instantly. I locked in with Brian at one point singing about the 'pay no attention to the background sounds' line... who doesn't love to see someone singing the words back to them in the crowd?

The first tune was merely to draw in the normies... because once Craig and Pat showed up... things got weird. Super deep jam into Craig which contained a Ghost Riders jam before going back to end Craig - the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half of Craig is some of the most epic shit I've ever heard.

The > did not stop coming - when the band hit the HIT at the beginning of Spun, I looked back to my buddy and informed him that we were about to spin... stuck in a spiral, spin 'til I'm spun. I think the prior GOAT drums was the Mission Ballroom in CO but.... this Spun takes the cake for me - probably attendance bias, but idc - check out the drum solo here in Spun.

Once Spun was winding down, I saw Jeremy clutching the trumpet - that can only mean one thing! Nosotro vamos ay el banco... no cervezas para tu... My homie crew consisted of some bi-lingual first-gen Mexican/Cuban-Kentuckians, so they got HYPE over the Spanish section of Pedro.

To end, a sweet, BUMPIN' Appleseed - I think the boys got carried away and hit curfew earlier than anticipated... not complaining, but when Appleseed ended, I was like "That's it??!! Naurrrrrrr" LOL - maybe the best opening single set I've seen, potentially save 9/8/22

RiffPitch Mon Nov 6, 2023
Great show! Today and Ugly Song to start the night off were perfect choices to get things going. Lattice hit perfectly in the number 3 spot followed by a very high energy Boogie on Reggae Woman that got the place rocking. Applesauce is a personal favorite that seemed to fit in just right with it's uplifting jamming ahead of the darker Writing on the Wall, which absolutley rocked. 

Hard to pick a highlight of the night, but Boogie on Reggae Woman through Writing on the Wall was awesome playing and a great time! 

Supersedes Fri Sep 29, 2023
At this point I had seen these guys play a few times, first time (I think) was after Umphrees at the Pony in 2019 (I think), and I just thought, "wow, these kids fucking rock." They scored a Flawless Victory for me at this show and really truly became one of my favorites (if not my #1) after this show. Since, I've seen them many more times and there's really no place I'd rather be than at a Dogs show. MFing WOOF!

djett Tue Sep 19, 2023
This show kicked off my 4-night run following the Dogs around the Midwest/South - my 2nd time following any sort of band for consecutive night shows. Drove 7hr from Louisville, KY to the AC Madison just blocks away from the High Noon Saloon and prepared for the show of a lifetime. 

The boy's first time in Madison... I think there was something to do with the water in the area... Asbury Park has a lot of water.. Madison is surrounded by seemingly great lakes. 

Westward is maybe my favorite opener, competing with Crazy, but golly, what a song. What a story. My first Four More Days followed which was a certified booty-shaker. Cats is always funky as hail.. The Hesitate was an early jaw-dropper; one online comment I read, someone said that was their favorite jam of the night before having to dip out early. MASSIVE PURE DIRTY BUBBLE - the drums alone on this track have special abilities to change people. Way To Be is always a mega-hard set closer. Isn't life so damn pretty?

Now... set 2... this is where some history took place. All you gotta do is shout "Let's do Stevie Lew!" as the boys are walking on LOL shoutout to Matty O! The next 37 minutes of music may be my all time favorite jams I've ever witnessed. It Gets Better ---> Let U Go tore the place up. The Joey bass bombs in IGB - you can hear our reactions on the SBD :) LOL I thought "Surely, that can't be right, something in the sound just malfunctioned..." but then it happened again and shook the High Noon!! We were fuckin' hoppin'. Applesauce is a Brian shredder song, if ya didn't know. They sliddddd right into Fenway, and then WOTW is such an awesome story... hope you're not gonna do what I think you're goin' to...

The classic Boogie On Linus and Lucy outro felt so good - shoutout to Kate and Steven from Univ. of Madison - they boogied hard w/ me all night!! Maybe my favorite Dogs show of all time, so far... even counting The Great Divide..

NshPreds Sun Sep 10, 2023
Show is filled with great and beautiful jams. 

Samba>Pedro>Samba is fantastic. 

Rum & Rose's with Brian's new guitar was a treat. 

NshPreds Tue Aug 1, 2023
Didn't You Know is a fantastic song and I'm pumped it's back in the rotation! Lead in on it is incredibly fun and bouncy. You'll be shaking your bones right from the start. 

NshPreds Tue Aug 1, 2023
Dogs Play Dead!! These split set theme nights are great. 

Love me some Sugaree! 

NshPreds Tue Aug 1, 2023
Maybe the best show to put on for a newcomer. I'll fight anyone who says there is a better Appleseed. 

NshPreds Tue Aug 1, 2023
One of the most creative sets I've ever heard. Start at the top and hold on for the ride. The Dogs capped of CO in a huge way. 

djett Wed Jul 26, 2023
I've asked Sir Casey what the price is for this sbd to be released... I'm willing to pay, but I'm also afraid because then everybody is going to hear me experiencing Dogs for the first time and I'm going to be known as 'the guy who kinda sorta ruined the 9/8/22 sbd because he kept screaming at Sam calling him 'Bassman'". Is there a character limit on these reviews? I'm about to find out... this is my story.

My good friend Daniel Combs (formerly of Jahman Brahman, TUB, currently playing with Elora Dash, Josh Clark's Visible Spectrum) recommended that I attend Birds of a Feather music festival just Southeast of Cinci, since I had just recently moved from Western North Carolina to Louisville, KY. I trust Daniel, so I bought blind-faith tickets for 2022 - I didn't wanna wait...let's not hesitate, I thought. Eventually, the Dogs would be announced as the night 1 headliner - I hadn't heard a lick of them... found a YouTube set... let 'er rip... and the rest is history.

Just a week or even days prior to departing for BOAF, the boys released 8/21/22 on Nugs - the Road to the Ramble show in/around Bmore. I listened to this set over and over and blasted it on the car-drive to the festival just thinking "holy shit, im about to be rocking with these dudes at this TINY ass hippy festival'. I was so, so, so excited. My wife was (and probably still is) over hearing me gush about what was to occur. Prior to the show...let's just say I had a little too much, too fast and needed some privacy during BareFuzz (they rock though, minus my Ralphing).

Showtime comes... I'm feeling GOOD... the boys have set up... the first song? One of my favorites - Westward. I think Brian may have noticed me singing it because... I was probably screaming it in a crowd of 10 - 15 ppl. Now I really think it's time we made a change...Now I gotta tell myself it's gonna be okay...

This was, I think, my first time hearing Tillie and it absolutely rocked me. I remember thinking, "I've never EVER heard a chorus sound like this before..."... hi-ho the silver, send the gold, shots fired, i was never told - idk if those lyrics are right but if they are i love them so much - Pirate type shit. 

I don't even remember the Look Johnny... but I'm sure it was so bitchin'. The Royals though.... I remember being so deep and lost in the sauce during the jam and then when they went back into the chorus... me and my group of ppl were just like WHATTTT THHUUUUUU and erupted into funky groves.

I also had no recollection of the Smash Mouth cover, but the girl I was hanging out with absolutely loved it lol

Spun made me spin, for sure... and the end of Spun > Trunk Rum clav intro literally made my jaw drop. I hadn't ever heard it before. I knew my life was going to be different after that.

To end it all, the classic Boogie On Linus n Lucy... by this time, the less-than-acre of hippies, young and old, were stomping to some of the greatest music ever written. I NEED to re-hear this!!!!

I ended up leaving the festival early, missing out on The Werks and some other cool groups because I was just so obsessed with the Dogs instantaneously. Nothing has been the same since.



djett Wed Jul 26, 2023
Derby Day '23 - I, funnily enough, vacated the Derby City around noon and drove my wife's car (thank u bb) to Indy for a gorgeous one-night-stand. I sat outside the HI-FI during soundcheck and could hear through the walls. They soundchecked with Gumball, Bent Strange [the album chorus version, still yet to be debuted, I think], and Lucia's Secret, which that one and Gumball wouldn't even make their debut appearances until a little bit later. After soundcheck, Sam, Brian, and Mr. Tooker found me chillin' out front and we went and I bought them all a drink. 3 High Noons and a Lone Star for a couple of stinking Dogs, please, bartender.

My phone notes say there was a 'soft Jeremy intro' right before Rinky Dink - I know that is just him noodling around but I loved it so I noted it... it must have felt significant to me, at the time. 

The Snow Day felt XL'd to me... I remember Brian making some noise that sounded like a fucking soaring eagle screech... me and the older feller next to me were geeking tf out up front.

As the boys walked onto the stage for the second set, I yelled to Jeremy "Play some Sound of Music shit!" and he did - he riffed a little bit of My Favorite Things - this interaction didn't make the soundboard, though.

Go Set had an absolutely WILD jam with at least one Phish tease (Roggae). Finally, the Gumbo>Jerm play-out to end the night. I totally saw a dad-and-daughter duo and the dad must've been a mega Phan because he was EMBARRASSING her during Gumbo with his singings and moves LOL X'D I love it... dance your ass off, dad-man. It's going to be hard for me to not give every show a 5/5. 

sheenthehuman Sun Jul 2, 2023
Delicious Camel Walk tease/jam during Hesitate <3

Fluffmanwasahead22 Fri Jun 9, 2023
This was an excellent show. Great setlist, great venue, and a packed house inside Martyrs. Topping it all off with Julius was extra tight. 

jspsam Thu Apr 27, 2023
Full setlist based on the tape provided by wookie on

Date: April 19, 2023[1]
Artist: Dogs In A Pile
Venue: Lost Lake Lounge
Location: Denver, CO

First Set: Blues for Brian > Southbound[2][3] > Blues for Brian > Funky Bitch[2][4] > Blues for Brian > Southbound[3] > Blues for Brian > 4th of July > G Song > Run-Around[2][5] > China Cat Sunflower[6] > Craig and Pat[7] > Home Again[8] > Run-Around[5] Craig and Pat, Voodoo Lady >[9] Boogie on Reggae Woman >[10] Linus and Lucy[11]

Second Set: Jack & Coke > Let It Grow[6] > Creep > Uncle John's Band Jam[2][6] > Free[4] > Bugle on the Shelf > Nebraska[12] > Jack & Coke Jam > Bugle on the Shelf Jam > Madhuvan[13] > Melting Lights[14] > Sunsquabi Jam[15] > Madhuvan[13] > Charlie, Helter Chalkdust Skelter Torture[16]

First Encore: Phish Kids, Julius[4]

Second Encore: Going to California[2][17]


[1] This was the final show of the Dogs' Colorado Takeover tour, and the event took place on Bicycle Day. In honor of the occasion, the band performed a cover-heavy set, playing homage to other psychedelic and jam bands.

[2] First (known) time played.

[3] The Allman Brothers Band cover.

[4] Phish cover.

[5] Blues Traveler cover.

[6] Grateful Dead cover.

[7] Brian used the "Dark Star" pedal by Old Blood Noise Endeavors that I gave him before the show during portions of Craig and Pat.

[8] The Disco Biscuits cover.

[9] Ween cover.

[10] Stevie Wonder cover.

[11] Vince Guaraldi cover.

[12] moe. cover. Second time played overall. Last played Nov. 8, 2022 (62 shows).

[13] Goose cover.

[14] Pigeons Playing Ping Pong cover.

[15] With Josh Fairman of Sunsquabi on bass. Sam briefly left the stage and returned to play keys with Jeremy.

[16] Mashup of Helter Skelter by The Beatles and Chalkdust Torture by Phish.

[17] Led Zeppelin Cover. The band left the stage after Julius. Jimmy, Brian, and Sam returned to the stage for another encore sans Joey and Jeremy (Nick Codina brought out three barstools while everyone was in the green room). Brian played acoustic guitar and Jimmy played the mandolin. Sam played his regular electric bass. 

Blaire Tue Apr 18, 2023
The encore was basically a third set. These guys basically played for four straight hours. It was awesome

Blaire Tue Apr 18, 2023

Blaire Tue Apr 18, 2023
Money for Nothing and Too High were deep cuts, so this show could have been legendary on that basis alone. But on top of that, Jeremy was on FIRE with the keys all night and this version of Walkin' on the Sun is possibly their best yet. Jeremy also wore pajamas in line with the "under the covers" theme, so he gets extra brownie points.

The original plan was for this show to be entirely covers, but the Dogs changed their mind at the last second and snuck some originals in there. I'm really glad they did- their covers are great but I honestly prefer their originals. The folks at the venue who hadn't heard Dogs before couldn't tell which songs were Dogs and which songs were covers, so it was a win all around.

Blaire Tue Apr 18, 2023
Fun fact: this set was supposed to include Rum and Roses between Samba for Sam and Mr. Tooker, but it was cut for time. STILL, such an incredible show. The crowd loved every second, and multiple people came up to me to say "this band is so good!" I got a lot of hugs and dance partners that night. The Dogs really know how to set a fantastic vibe.

Blaire Tue Apr 18, 2023
Maybe it's attendance bias, but this show was SO PERFECT in every way. That No Quarter towards the end is one of the greatest covers I've heard the Dogs do, and then following up with All the Same and the Jellyfish Rave as the encore?? The show was so well balanced, well-timed, the emotions and jams were top notch and being there was truly incredible.

ColonelFichter Sun Apr 16, 2023

Set 1- Thomas & Duncan, Pt. 2 - a mellow, smooth start to the show.. included a VERY STRONG funk jam, clocked in around 17+ minutes & opened the two-night stand with a loud, clear statement.. That we were all going to get 2 nights of fun loving Dogs In A Pile jams!

Go Set - Jeremy shines in this heater of a jam, very clean. I can remember still how clear it was to see that all band members were having fun & admiring the sold out audience of friends, family, & friends.. the Dog Pound holding down the core of this dance floor!

Stranger > Ugly Song > Appleseed -clean, well played, & full of energy. A good chunk of early first set type 1 jaming.. a stretch of music that will always be enjoyable to go back & listen to. Good classic Dogs!

Watermelon Man - BUSTOUT, featured the Ocean Ave Stompers on horns, slimey & thick funk, deep jaming.. There was some cool rotational/pass&go jaming between all members & their guest horns section. Lots of fun.

All The Same - first time I had heard. Hooked from the first chorus. I now love this song with all my heart, so it really stuck for me after hearing it here for the first time. Lyrics should be read & understood & kept close to all of our hearts! 

Bent Strange - heater. This song makes everyone in the crowd fully aware of how much POWER these guys have up on stage. They play with an energy that I have felt only a few times before, & this song showcases some of that energy one feels from the bands music! Sent us into setbreak more than satisfied & on our toes ready for a full second set of Dogs! 

Set 2- (entire set played w/ Ocean Ave Stompers Horns)

Can’t Turn You Loose > Four More Days > Look Johnny - The Dogs backed by a horns section was something I’ll never forget & worth listening to yourself, videos on YouTube! It was clear for me to see that the band hand practiced & rehearsed VERY hard for the set that was in store. They all seemed super focused on what was beginning to unfold.

Will It Go Round In Circles? - this song had me grooving & it reminded me of a Stevie Wonder song. 

Time Stands Still > Por Que Pedro - a crowd favorite, Por Que Pedro features Sam on vocals. It is a tune that has extremely polar, contrasting melodies.. as the song goes from a dark, heavy rock metal verse into a calm, smooth Latin/Spanish sounding chorus. It had me chuckling & the pony was loving it. 

Craig & Pat > Tequila > Craig & Pat - HORNS GOT UP ON THE BAR FOR TEQUILLA, so much fun, well executed & the band was so happy/proud of what they had pulled off.  A very cool & memorable moment. 

Rockin Around Christmas Tree - Mr. Toilet stole the show on this one as he sang lead vocals, dressed as Santa. A special night it was! 

Let U Go > Trunk Rum - CLASSIC Dogs to end the set. A smooth & YEM type Trunk Rum jam. Really really top notch. 



Tillie -> Gumbo > Say Something - TILLIE FTW. One of my favorite DIAP songs is Tillie & I couldn’t have picked a better place for it to have been played. It had a BEAST segue into Gumbo, & this song was a treat for the many of us whom have learned to love music/live shows because of Phish. Crowd was rocking. & Say Something ended the night with a bang. Leaving us with something to ponder & appreciate in its lyrics. A great end to the night, not a dull note from start to finish. 

joseph Thu Apr 13, 2023
This show had an exceptional first set (slight correction: it started with Look Johnny II). The best moments of Set 2 were exhausted prior to Andy Frasco's entry. I wasn't impressed with his constitutions in the second set - was there a reason for Frasco to be so openly racist? Three guitars at once was overwhelming and at times veered into disaster. Somehow they also picked the worst South Park song (other than Kyle's Mom) to cover. Listen to set one and the encore - Brian plays bass on Break Stuff - before passing on the rest.

nickh Sun Apr 9, 2023
I love that Around the World was sandwiched into Stranger, I don’t know any other band covering Daft Punk like that. I love and respect how these dudes are always giving nods to greats before them. Plus they haven't played it in a good amount of shows. Trickery is always fun and another nod to the wonderful Dopapod. They first started playing this song at Peach in 2022 because they all loved Dopapod's set at that same stage in 2021 so they wanted to pay tribute to that set. Glad it has stuck around. Didn't Ya Know was a great bust out, I wasn't too familiar with that song before last night but I'm hopeful it gets back into rotation. Can't wait to relisten to it. Nicolette is starting to take form and I am really starting to dig this new Dogs staple written and sung by Brian. That whole segue was great, ending with an all time favorite and world saving song, Jack and Coke. The rest of the set was solid with a dead cover. Let It Grow is not my favorite dead song but these guys crush it! Unfortunately, I had to listen to the encore from outside the venue as I was setting up the vending table to get the party started outside for Dogs Lot. The instrumental sounded good and led into a favorite cover of mine, Voodoo Lady, and capping off the night with the jam vehicle Bugle. My face was being melted even from outside the venue! Cant get enough of these guys. 

nickh Sun Apr 9, 2023
This was such a fun show with really well curated setlists. The new tunes are certainly going places and I can't wait to see them evolve. It Gets Better has Jeremy on vocals and he sounds so smooth with it. Solid show. 

thehobbithimself Sat Apr 8, 2023
*show was live webcast on

dogsstolemyface Fri Mar 17, 2023
This show was incredible. Great room with a packed house in the Windy City. Such a great time!

nickh Tue Feb 7, 2023
Really fun show. Would love to hear Twin Cities again!

sambradley Mon Jan 23, 2023
The first night of the Great Divide was a perfect start to one of the most organic and sublime weekends of the year. For two nights the band, crew, and fans lived in harmony in the beautiful campgrounds of Newton, NJ.

From the uncommon Crazy opener until the rocking Mr. Tooker encore, this show is pretty much "classic Dogs". Two rare covers, Free and Green Earrings, signify the comfortable feeling on stage & the band's willingness to experiment for their closest friends. This weekend will go down in history, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

sambradley Mon Jan 23, 2023
This is one of my favorite shows. The 4 song second set covers so much ground & is a prime example of the band rewarding fans that travel far from their home base in the northeast. 

If this show is ever released, seek it out at all costs. I will never forget this night.

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