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djett Wed Jul 26, 2023
Derby Day '23 - I, funnily enough, vacated the Derby City around noon and drove my wife's car (thank u bb) to Indy for a gorgeous one-night-stand. I sat outside the HI-FI during soundcheck and could hear through the walls. They soundchecked with Gumball, Bent Strange [the album chorus version, still yet to be debuted, I think], and Lucia's Secret, which that one and Gumball wouldn't even make their debut appearances until a little bit later. After soundcheck, Sam, Brian, and Mr. Tooker found me chillin' out front and we went and I bought them all a drink. 3 High Noons and a Lone Star for a couple of stinking Dogs, please, bartender.

My phone notes say there was a 'soft Jeremy intro' right before Rinky Dink - I know that is just him noodling around but I loved it so I noted it... it must have felt significant to me, at the time. 

The Snow Day felt XL'd to me... I remember Brian making some noise that sounded like a fucking soaring eagle screech... me and the older feller next to me were geeking tf out up front.

As the boys walked onto the stage for the second set, I yelled to Jeremy "Play some Sound of Music shit!" and he did - he riffed a little bit of My Favorite Things - this interaction didn't make the soundboard, though.

Go Set had an absolutely WILD jam with at least one Phish tease (Roggae). Finally, the Gumbo>Jerm play-out to end the night. I totally saw a dad-and-daughter duo and the dad must've been a mega Phan because he was EMBARRASSING her during Gumbo with his singings and moves LOL X'D I love it... dance your ass off, dad-man. It's going to be hard for me to not give every show a 5/5. 

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