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nickh Sun Apr 9, 2023
I love that Around the World was sandwiched into Stranger, I don’t know any other band covering Daft Punk like that. I love and respect how these dudes are always giving nods to greats before them. Plus they haven't played it in a good amount of shows. Trickery is always fun and another nod to the wonderful Dopapod. They first started playing this song at Peach in 2022 because they all loved Dopapod's set at that same stage in 2021 so they wanted to pay tribute to that set. Glad it has stuck around. Didn't Ya Know was a great bust out, I wasn't too familiar with that song before last night but I'm hopeful it gets back into rotation. Can't wait to relisten to it. Nicolette is starting to take form and I am really starting to dig this new Dogs staple written and sung by Brian. That whole segue was great, ending with an all time favorite and world saving song, Jack and Coke. The rest of the set was solid with a dead cover. Let It Grow is not my favorite dead song but these guys crush it! Unfortunately, I had to listen to the encore from outside the venue as I was setting up the vending table to get the party started outside for Dogs Lot. The instrumental sounded good and led into a favorite cover of mine, Voodoo Lady, and capping off the night with the jam vehicle Bugle. My face was being melted even from outside the venue! Cant get enough of these guys. 

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