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jspsam April 27, 2023
Full setlist based on the tape provided by wookie on

Date: April 19, 2023[1]
Artist: Dogs In A Pile
Venue: Lost Lake Lounge
Location: Denver, CO

First Set: Blues for Brian > Southbound[2][3] > Blues for Brian > Funky Bitch[2][4] > Blues for Brian > Southbound[3] > Blues for Brian > 4th of July > G Song > Run-Around[2][5] > China Cat Sunflower[6] > Craig and Pat[7] > Home Again[8] > Run-Around[5] Craig and Pat, Voodoo Lady >[9] Boogie on Reggae Woman >[10] Linus and Lucy[11]

Second Set: Jack & Coke > Let It Grow[6] > Creep > Uncle John's Band Jam[2][6] > Free[4] > Bugle on the Shelf > Nebraska[12] > Jack & Coke Jam > Bugle on the Shelf Jam > Madhuvan[13] > Melting Lights[14] > Sunsquabi Jam[15] > Madhuvan[13] > Charlie, Helter Chalkdust Skelter Torture[16]

First Encore: Phish Kids, Julius[4]

Second Encore: Going to California[2][17]


[1] This was the final show of the Dogs' Colorado Takeover tour, and the event took place on Bicycle Day. In honor of the occasion, the band performed a cover-heavy set, playing homage to other psychedelic and jam bands.

[2] First (known) time played.

[3] The Allman Brothers Band cover.

[4] Phish cover.

[5] Blues Traveler cover.

[6] Grateful Dead cover.

[7] Brian used the "Dark Star" pedal by Old Blood Noise Endeavors that I gave him before the show during portions of Craig and Pat.

[8] The Disco Biscuits cover.

[9] Ween cover.

[10] Stevie Wonder cover.

[11] Vince Guaraldi cover.

[12] moe. cover. Second time played overall. Last played Nov. 8, 2022 (62 shows).

[13] Goose cover.

[14] Pigeons Playing Ping Pong cover.

[15] With Josh Fairman of Sunsquabi on bass. Sam briefly left the stage and returned to play keys with Jeremy.

[16] Mashup of Helter Skelter by The Beatles and Chalkdust Torture by Phish.

[17] Led Zeppelin Cover. The band left the stage after Julius. Jimmy, Brian, and Sam returned to the stage for another encore sans Joey and Jeremy (Nick Codina brought out three barstools while everyone was in the green room). Brian played acoustic guitar and Jimmy played the mandolin. Sam played his regular electric bass. 

Blaire April 18, 2023
The encore was basically a third set. These guys basically played for four straight hours. It was awesome

Blaire April 18, 2023

Blaire April 18, 2023
Money for Nothing and Too High were deep cuts, so this show could have been legendary on that basis alone. But on top of that, Jeremy was on FIRE with the keys all night and this version of Walkin' on the Sun is possibly their best yet. Jeremy also wore pajamas in line with the "under the covers" theme, so he gets extra brownie points.

The original plan was for this show to be entirely covers, but the Dogs changed their mind at the last second and snuck some originals in there. I'm really glad they did- their covers are great but I honestly prefer their originals. The folks at the venue who hadn't heard Dogs before couldn't tell which songs were Dogs and which songs were covers, so it was a win all around.

Blaire April 18, 2023
Fun fact: this set was supposed to include Rum and Roses between Samba for Sam and Mr. Tooker, but it was cut for time. STILL, such an incredible show. The crowd loved every second, and multiple people came up to me to say "this band is so good!" I got a lot of hugs and dance partners that night. The Dogs really know how to set a fantastic vibe.

Blaire April 18, 2023
Maybe it's attendance bias, but this show was SO PERFECT in every way. That No Quarter towards the end is one of the greatest covers I've heard the Dogs do, and then following up with All the Same and the Jellyfish Rave as the encore?? The show was so well balanced, well-timed, the emotions and jams were top notch and being there was truly incredible.

ColonelFichter April 16, 2023

Set 1- Thomas & Duncan, Pt. 2 - a mellow, smooth start to the show.. included a VERY STRONG funk jam, clocked in around 17+ minutes & opened the two-night stand with a loud, clear statement.. That we were all going to get 2 nights of fun loving Dogs In A Pile jams!

Go Set - Jeremy shines in this heater of a jam, very clean. I can remember still how clear it was to see that all band members were having fun & admiring the sold out audience of friends, family, & friends.. the Dog Pound holding down the core of this dance floor!

Stranger > Ugly Song > Appleseed -clean, well played, & full of energy. A good chunk of early first set type 1 jaming.. a stretch of music that will always be enjoyable to go back & listen to. Good classic Dogs!

Watermelon Man - BUSTOUT, featured the Ocean Ave Stompers on horns, slimey & thick funk, deep jaming.. There was some cool rotational/pass&go jaming between all members & their guest horns section. Lots of fun.

All The Same - first time I had heard. Hooked from the first chorus. I now love this song with all my heart, so it really stuck for me after hearing it here for the first time. Lyrics should be read & understood & kept close to all of our hearts! 

Bent Strange - heater. This song makes everyone in the crowd fully aware of how much POWER these guys have up on stage. They play with an energy that I have felt only a few times before, & this song showcases some of that energy one feels from the bands music! Sent us into setbreak more than satisfied & on our toes ready for a full second set of Dogs! 

Set 2- (entire set played w/ Ocean Ave Stompers Horns)

Can’t Turn You Loose > Four More Days > Look Johnny - The Dogs backed by a horns section was something I’ll never forget & worth listening to yourself, videos on YouTube! It was clear for me to see that the band hand practiced & rehearsed VERY hard for the set that was in store. They all seemed super focused on what was beginning to unfold.

Will It Go Round In Circles? - this song had me grooving & it reminded me of a Stevie Wonder song. 

Time Stands Still > Por Que Pedro - a crowd favorite, Por Que Pedro features Sam on vocals. It is a tune that has extremely polar, contrasting melodies.. as the song goes from a dark, heavy rock metal verse into a calm, smooth Latin/Spanish sounding chorus. It had me chuckling & the pony was loving it. 

Craig & Pat > Tequila > Craig & Pat - HORNS GOT UP ON THE BAR FOR TEQUILLA, so much fun, well executed & the band was so happy/proud of what they had pulled off.  A very cool & memorable moment. 

Rockin Around Christmas Tree - Mr. Toilet stole the show on this one as he sang lead vocals, dressed as Santa. A special night it was! 

Let U Go > Trunk Rum - CLASSIC Dogs to end the set. A smooth & YEM type Trunk Rum jam. Really really top notch. 



Tillie -> Gumbo > Say Something - TILLIE FTW. One of my favorite DIAP songs is Tillie & I couldn’t have picked a better place for it to have been played. It had a BEAST segue into Gumbo, & this song was a treat for the many of us whom have learned to love music/live shows because of Phish. Crowd was rocking. & Say Something ended the night with a bang. Leaving us with something to ponder & appreciate in its lyrics. A great end to the night, not a dull note from start to finish. 

joseph April 13, 2023
This show had an exceptional first set (slight correction: it started with Look Johnny II). The best moments of Set 2 were exhausted prior to Andy Frasco's entry. I wasn't impressed with his constitutions in the second set - was there a reason for Frasco to be so openly racist? Three guitars at once was overwhelming and at times veered into disaster. Somehow they also picked the worst South Park song (other than Kyle's Mom) to cover. Listen to set one and the encore - Brian plays bass on Break Stuff - before passing on the rest.

nickh April 9, 2023
I love that Around the World was sandwiched into Stranger, I don’t know any other band covering Daft Punk like that. I love and respect how these dudes are always giving nods to greats before them. Plus they haven't played it in a good amount of shows. Trickery is always fun and another nod to the wonderful Dopapod. They first started playing this song at Peach in 2022 because they all loved Dopapod's set at that same stage in 2021 so they wanted to pay tribute to that set. Glad it has stuck around. Didn't Ya Know was a great bust out, I wasn't too familiar with that song before last night but I'm hopeful it gets back into rotation. Can't wait to relisten to it. Nicolette is starting to take form and I am really starting to dig this new Dogs staple written and sung by Brian. That whole segue was great, ending with an all time favorite and world saving song, Jack and Coke. The rest of the set was solid with a dead cover. Let It Grow is not my favorite dead song but these guys crush it! Unfortunately, I had to listen to the encore from outside the venue as I was setting up the vending table to get the party started outside for Dogs Lot. The instrumental sounded good and led into a favorite cover of mine, Voodoo Lady, and capping off the night with the jam vehicle Bugle. My face was being melted even from outside the venue! Cant get enough of these guys. 

nickh April 9, 2023
This was such a fun show with really well curated setlists. The new tunes are certainly going places and I can't wait to see them evolve. It Gets Better has Jeremy on vocals and he sounds so smooth with it. Solid show. 

thehobbithimself April 8, 2023
*show was live webcast on

dogsstolemyface March 17, 2023
This show was incredible. Great room with a packed house in the Windy City. Such a great time!

nickh February 7, 2023
Really fun show. Would love to hear Twin Cities again!

sambradley January 23, 2023
The first night of the Great Divide was a perfect start to one of the most organic and sublime weekends of the year. For two nights the band, crew, and fans lived in harmony in the beautiful campgrounds of Newton, NJ.

From the uncommon Crazy opener until the rocking Mr. Tooker encore, this show is pretty much "classic Dogs". Two rare covers, Free and Green Earrings, signify the comfortable feeling on stage & the band's willingness to experiment for their closest friends. This weekend will go down in history, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

sambradley January 23, 2023
This is one of my favorite shows. The 4 song second set covers so much ground & is a prime example of the band rewarding fans that travel far from their home base in the northeast. 

If this show is ever released, seek it out at all costs. I will never forget this night.