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    *** Unconfirmed ***

    Empty shape on your side of the bed
    Tears are falling from eyes gone red
    I should be out making brand new friends instead
    I will face it alone for a while
    In your absence, I hesitate
    So many people think I feel great
    (In truth, I stay home and masturbate, it's great) / (If only they could see inner hate, my fate)
    I've been lost in your lattice far too long

    You beat me up metaphorically
    Hung me up in your tallest tree
    And when I fell out and bruised my knee, you laughed
    I really hope that you're stung by a bee
    I just can't believe it's true, myself
    Reading up about mental health
    It seems I'm not alone at needing help, oh well
    I've been lost in your lattice far too long

    Through the fire burning, as the world stops turning 'round
    Take a breath and slow it down
    Feather ever falling, floating gently on the wind
    Just another day away

    The fog is rising, the sky is black
    Nothing's stopping this heart attack
    The siren's louder than a Marshall stack, (in fact) / (E flat)
    I can let this roll off my back
    In this haze, I lose sight of you
    History plays in my rear view
    I won't be let down, I won't feel blue for you
    Don't look now but they're staring
    Can't take off what I'm wearing
    I've been lost in your lattice for far too long

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